handymen with manners

performing high quality small fixes & turnkey renovations with a smile

Our team of trained, competent, reliable, honest and (last but not least) smiling odd-jobers ticks one item at a time the boxes of the honey-do lists that no other company has the time (or is willing) to take on towards the upgrade of a personal or professional, indoor or outdoor space.

Small or large project, short or long term collaboration, for individuals or companies, we’re serious about how uniquely (differently) we deliver our turnkey maintenance and renovation services to each and every client who trusts us.

Our founder

Stefan Lundgren

Also known throughout his career as Dr FIX-IT, he is the happy founder and owner of the Helsingborg-based 360 FIX.

In 2020, back home in Sweden from Dubai, Stefan first founded Retail Senses Design AB, a premium global supplier of space layout and design consulting and project management services to the retail sector. Retail Senses uses light, sound and scent to help brands to create unforgettable client experiences. Retail Senses is an authorized reseller of Loud of Sweden, Scent Company, Caleidoscope Functional Ceiling and Lighting solutions.

New project

In his new venture 360 FIX established in 2021, Dr FIX-IT brings with a twist his 20+ years of international experience in retail projects across the Middle East, Europe and North Africa at the intersection of consulting, project management, business development, entrepreneurship, operations management and space design. 

Personality features

Stefan is a personable leader with manners, self-discipline, a relentless drive for solving problems through innovation and impeccable service.

Our brand story

360 FIX

  • 360 > complete, comprehensive, full-scope, integrated, extensive, thorough, in every aspect, inside out.
  • FIX > repair, maintain, install, upgrade, restore, rebuild, revamp, renovate.

360 FIX >> we repair, maintain and upgrade indoor and outdoor personal and professional spaces. 

expertise | efficiency | integrity

  • expertise > know-how, competence, skills
  • efficiency > productivity, performance
  • integrity > honesty, sincerity, probity


expertise | efficiency | integrity >> this is our promise, the quality standard we stick to, the reasons we’re chosen for, the unique footprint we leave in every space we fix.

360 FIX, expertise | efficiency | integrity

The competent odd-jobers who add value to your space, one list at a time.

360 FIX values

do they resonate with you?

sense of service

We serve clients with respect, friendliness and a smile, by choice. It's our way to beautify the world.


Honesty and integrity are part of the package. We do what we say and say what we do, without small letters at the bottom of the contract.

on time

We show up on the agreed time and reach out to you if something comes up our way that delays our arrival.


We complete the projects following the agreed timeline that works for you.


We have the competence, tools and supplies required to complete professional high quality work.


Performance implies speed of execution. We are organized and plan our interventions ahead.

some key figures

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they trusted us

as much as we enjoyed serving them

The business owners and managers behind the logos are happy to recommend 360 FIX. We are people doing business with people.

Our turnkey services

We are experts in maintenance & renovation of private homes & retail spaces. We help our clients fix (with a smile and honest service) the small problems they have in and around their home or business space.