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You have a whole list of things to fix in your personal or professional space but you don’t know whom to call or hire, you struggle to obtain a quote or get the job done once for good by reliable professionals. Those who showed up once never came back. This is music to our ears. You’re not the only one.

//This is precisely the reason why we exist. We’re here to serve you.\\

>>With our team of friendly, trained and experienced handymen, we tick one item at a time the boxes of the *honey-do lists* that no other company has the time (or is willing) to take on towards the upgrade of your space.<<

>>Rely on us to complete high quality odd jobs, small fixes and turnkey renovations with a smile in and around your personal and professional space.<<

//We commit to making you happy and satisfied.\\

360 fix services

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Handyman and turnkey renovation services for individuals and businesses.


We tick the boxes of your *honey-do list*, one task at a time.

(*collection of requests by a spouse for a partner to perform tasks/chores dealing with the maintenance of a space.*)

Personal space upgrade

We maintain and pimp up your house or apartment inside out.

Professional space optimization

We transform your office, store, shop window or storage.

360 fix friendly team

the smiling solution to your problems

We started 360 FIX as a family business, husband and wife, with the total support of our three children. We are currently busy building a team of certified handymen whom we will train ourselves in order to guarantee the level of excellence we aspire to and strive for.

dr. FIX-IT, Stefan Lundgren

A personable leader with manners, self-discipline, a relentless drive for solving problems through innovation and impeccable service.

Brings with a twist his 20+ years of international experience in retail projects across the Middle East, Europe and North Africa at the intersection of consulting, project management, business development, entrepreneurship, operations management and space design.

Mrs. FIX-GOOD, Johanna Lundgren

A well-being expert creating a world of people who know their own worth and leverage their self-awareness to enlighten their environment.

Applies her coaching, creative and customer relationship skills to transform 360 FIX concept into a positive experience for every client. Has her husband's back. Is the priviledged interlocutor of the clients. Is the admin go-to person.

360 fix latest projects

illustrated for your eyes only

We’re not the best photographers of Helsingborg, but we know our future clients want to see our work illustrated. We therefore do our best to display here some projects that will resonate with your appartment, house, office or retail space renovation needs.

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They trusted us

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Upon completion of a small or large project, we like to ask our dear clients what they thought of our services. We hope to be able to post your testimonial very soon as well… What if you joined our list of happy clients?

do you have a honey-do list?

May it concern your personal (house, apartment, garden, terrace, attic…) or professional (office, store, storage, window shop…) space, rely on us to tick the boxes of your honey-do list one at a time, with [a twist] [a smile] [manners]. No space-upgrade-list is too long provided you trust us to erase each of its lines.