(Not too much) Money well spent

Save money, spend some with us! Hiring a true expert to upgrade your personal or professional space is now affordable.

360 FIX makes sure your project, no matter how large or how small, is seen through right to the end. Dr FIX-IT will use the knowledge from 25 years of project management and building experience to help your vision come to life.

Focus on what you do well, we do what you have no expertise for!

From helping you with hanging a curtain rail or a painting, to managing your whole apartment renovation, we are here to serve you. These are things we have been doing for years, at home, at work and for others. We have now decided to turn it into a business. Aren’t you lucky?!

We also excel at retail spaces optimization. There is so much that goes into a commercial space. It starts before your customers even enter your space. How do you attract them to walk in? Once they do, what do you want their first impression to be? How do you want to make them feel? With 25 years of experience in building retail spaces, Dr FIX-IT knows exactly where to start, how to optimise what you have and what to add to your space. We specialize in functional ceilings, lighting and scent, and will partner with you to make sure your vision comes to life.

“Your senses collaborate to create a unified impression of your experience
People tend to think of sight first, but when it comes to designing for the senses, we respond just as strongly to sound. In fact, sound reaches the mind first, much quicker than touch or vision. Music is one of the most useful components in an efficient interior strategy”.
– Soundtrack research report

If you would like to know a bit more about music’s impact, please read this study by Handels.

And here is more info about scent marketing from one of the most accomplished authorities on senses marketing:

When it comes to upgrading your personal or professional space, our advice is that YOU focus on what you do well (or on what you can be paid for), while WE do for you with our expertise, what you don’t do so well or have no talent for.

Small fixes require a lot of equipment and time

Do you need to hang a painting up but don’t have a hammer drill? Well, we do. Small fixes require a lot of equipment ; we have it all, don’t spend on it, rely on us!

And we will get your painting hung with the right hardware and clean up the mess in less time it would have taken you to go to the store and buy a drill. Probably cheaper as well. We are an efficient shortcut.

Individuals, get the government subsidy to cut your invoices by 2!

Of course, we offer ROT & RUT deductions on our jobs, where applicable. As you probably know, individuals can get up to 50% government deduction on the hourly fees we charge. For more details on how it works, click here. With this, don’t hesitate anymore to reach out for professional help to fix your apartment or house!

Money well spent makes money or prevents from wasting some.

When you hire 360 FIX, we strive to understand what you need and we make sure you receive it with the help from our experts. Our service is quick, easy and delivered with a smile. We pride ourselves in offering you efficient and affordable expertise with integrity.

Money well spent on a perfect result.

Whether you are starting a new project or need help to finish one, 360 FIX is available for you every step of the way.

Stefan Lundgren alias Dr FIX-IT

Stefan Lundgren alias Dr FIX-IT

Expert in maintenance & renovation of private homes & retail spaces.
Handyman with a smile & manners.

get to know the founder of 360 fix
Stefan Lundgren alias Dr FIX-IT

Stefan Lundgren alias Dr FIX-IT

Expert in maintenance & renovation of private homes & retail spaces.
Handyman with a smile & manners.

get to know the founder of 360 fix

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