Personal space upgrade

small or large scale projects

Baby room preparation, attic space conversion, new kitchen modules installation, bathroom cabinet replacement, paintings to hang, living room wall painting, bedroom storage space optimization, outdoor terrace Winter cleanup… just give us the keys! We’re the men of the situation. Turnkey projects are our weet spot.  

How will we satisfy you?

With honesty and clarity from A to Z!

Step #1

You fill out the form of our contact page. The more detailed and accurate, the better.

Step #2

We call you to discuss your project and ask you any additional question we have. If you want, we schedule a site visit.

Step #3

We draft a quote for your project, based on the conclusions of our on-site visit.

Step #4

You send us an approval in written (with a signature) if you want us to complete your project.

Step #5

You share with us your constrains when it comes to opening hours, downtime options etc. Together, we pick a project start date, a work schedule that works for your business, and an estimate end date of the project.

Step #6

We issue an invoice with a request for downpayment within 10 calendar days.

Step #7

On the agreed day and time, we show up and start doing the work. We don't disappear in the middle of the project.

Step #8

Upon completion of the project, we issue a second invoice with a request for payment of the balance within 10 calendar days.

Step #9

We apply to Rut & Rot. If the request is not approved, we issue another invoice and send it your way with a request for payment within 10 calendar days.

Our added value

that makes you choose us

easy booking

We make an appointment and we show up on time = market norm is not our standard

government subsidies

Individuals who contract with us are eligible to rot & rut = you benefit from official tax opportunities

turnkey services

99% is not a job done = we don't leave until the project is fully completed

the maintenance of your property is boarderline, but