Professional space optimisation

small or large scale projects

Office space, retail space, real estate business… we have the flexibility you require to level up smartly.

How will we serve your company?

By taking its constraints into consideration at every step of the project.

Step #1

You fill out the form of our contact page. The more detailed and accurate, the better.

Step #2

We call you to discuss your project and ask you any additional question we have. If you want, we schedule a site visit.

Step #3

We meet up on site to refine the project plan.

Step #4

We draft a precise quote for your project, based on the conclusions of our on-site visit.

Step #5

You send us an approval in written (with a signature) if you want us to complete your project.

Step #6

You share with us your constrains when it comes to opening hours, downtime options etc. Together, we pick a project start date, a work schedule that works for your business, and an estimate end date of the project.

Step #7

We issue an invoice with a request for downpayment within 30 calendar days.

Step #8

On the agreed day and time, we show up and start the work.

Step #9

Upon completion of the project, we issue an invoice with a request for payment of the balance within 30 calendar days.

Our added value

that turns your business around

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We commit to perfect results that make clients happy = we aim for client loyalty

certified staff

We commit to perfect results that make clients happy = no approximation

turnkey services

99% is not a job done = we don't leave until the project is fully completed

your space deserves to be enhanced , but