Terms & conditions

General and additional terms for services between 360 FIX (company number 559224-2951) hereinafter referred to as “360 FIX” and private customer / corporate customer hereinafter referred to as “Customer”.

The Consumer Services Act (1985: 716) primarily applies, which is why the purpose of these terms is to clarify and define our delivery and use of our services.

The customer is considered to have read through these General and Additional Terms, understood its meaning and approves and agrees to all points in the General and Additional Terms. By not contesting these General and Additional Terms, the Customer is deemed to have given his consent.

In these terms and conditions, the person performing the assignment on behalf of 360 FIX is referred to as the Fixer. Invoicing usually takes place when the assignment has been confirmed to be completed. Invoicing may be made by an external party by transferring the invoice to an external party.

360 FIX is a service company and there are no guarantees that all assignments can be solved or performed. An assignment can be charged to the Customer regardless of whether it could be completed in its entirety for various reasons if, for example, products are missing, damaged or at technical support if the problem is insoluble given hardware and software.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to agree with the Fixer on the date and time of the home visit. If the assignment is not completed on the jointly agreed day, the Customer and the Fixer may agree on a new time for completion of the assignment.

Cancellations of a confirmed and thus agreed time, must be made no later than three hours before the agreed time. Otherwise, a Cancellation Fee of SEK 498 will be charged. Urgent cancellations are made to the company’s customer service on 0709857463 or alternatively to [email protected] or to Fixaren directly. To be able to carry out home visits, the Fixer must have access to the home at the agreed time. In the absence of the Customer, the Fixer tries to contact the Customer. If, for whatever reason, access cannot be granted, the above Cancellation fee of SEK 498 will be charged.

360 FIX is responsible for damage that may occur during the assignment on both the Customer’s equipment / products and the home. 360 FIX has taken out liability insurance, which can be used for more extensive damages. Usually the same or new Fixer corrects the damage or error on a return visit. It also happens that the Customer is compensated in connection with the invoicing.

Complaints must be made directly to 360 FIX within a reasonable time.

360 FIX charges the Customer for the home visit either according to a fixed price package ordered by the Customer or a current bill per half hour started with a minimum compensation of one hour. The first hour and the start-up may have a different price than the regular hourly charge. Current prices are always available on the 360 FIX website for both fixed and current assignments. If the Customer’s geographical location is outside the urban area, a separate agreement can be reached on additional travel compensation.

Statutory reminder fee of SEK 60 and default interest according to the Interest Act with reference interest + 8% is entitled to be charged for payment after the due date. 360 FIX also has the right to submit the claim to a debt collection company in accordance with Swedish law and practice.

Prices on the website and in the “General Terms” are stated including VAT unless otherwise stated.

Information about the handling of personal data, cookies and GDPR is reproduced on the 360 FIX website.

Additional conditions for Technology Assignments

Regardless of whether the case is handled at home or by telephone, troubleshooting, action and any documentation are included in the compensation for the assignment.
Telephone assignments are charged per quarter (15 min). The compensation is calculated per quarter started. Any RUT deduction is not allowed on telephone support.

360 FIX does not take responsibility for hardware or software errors that occur during or after the assignment.

360 FIX can never be held liable for direct or indirect damage that has occurred to the Customer’s equipment that is the subject of the assignment. This applies to software as well as hardware or information stored in computers or smartphones.
In cases where 360 FIX finds illegal content during the assignment, which can be classified as a serious crime, the assignment is terminated immediately and the Customer is invoiced. 360 FIX also does not help customers with problems related to illegal or unlicensed software.

Additional conditions at a fixed price for furniture installation

In connection with the installation of awkward furniture, or when installing wardrobes that are installed standing up due to low ceiling height, the Customer may need to be involved in short individual work steps.

In the event of damage to property and furniture which are the subject of installation, 360 FIX compensates for the damage in the best reasonable way. 360 FIX can never be held liable for indirect damage that occurs to the Customer’s home, furnishings and products during the assignment.

The fixed price includes assembly in accordance with the assembly instructions issued by the manufacturer. All additional work and elements are charged against ongoing compensation. The price for the current account is stated on the website. Examples when charging for additional work can be agreed with the Customer: adjustment for sloping floors / sloping walls, when lighting assembly for installation is missing, when furniture / furnishings must be moved, that the packages with unassembled furniture are in a room other than the installation room itself, sawing, drilling holes or removing skirting boards or that are not part of the installation instructions.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that all parts of the furniture / article to be assembled are in place when 360 FIX arrives to carry out the assignment. If parts are missing, the assignment is canceled, after which 360 FIX charges a Cancellation Fee. It is the Customer’s responsibility to notify 360 FIX or the Fixer when missing parts have arrived. The assignment is then resumed through a return visit, whereby the same initial agreed price for installation at the return visit.

The customer must have prepared an assembly surface so that the assembly can be performed without obstacles. If this has not happened, 360 FIX has the right to cancel the installation and charge a Cancellation Fee. If the Fixer must help to free up space, this work will be charged against ongoing compensation according to the current price list on the website.

Additional conditions for installation and troubleshooting robotic lawnmowers

Installation with a fixed price includes only what is included in the packaging and function test (test run). The plot must be adapted for the lawn (slope, size, etc.). The plot should be cleared of gadgets such as toys and of piles of branches, leaves and grass. The lawn must be freshly cut and the cavities and pits must be leveled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If this is not the case, the installation will be interrupted and a cancellation fee defined above will be added. After measures taken by the Customer, the assignment is resumed at a later time.

The search wire is mounted with pliers (not by milling the lawn). When the installation is carried out for a fixed price, the assembly of bars and boundary wire that is included in the lawnmower robot’s packaging is included.

At the place of installation of the charging station, there shall be grounded electric current. This can be in the form of a “splice cord”.

The assembly includes lifting of paving stones up to 50cm wide. Larger paving stones were lifted and restored by the Customer before and after installation.

When the installation is complete, a function test is performed. When the function test has been carried out with impeccable results, the assignment must be considered completed. Programming / scheduling is not included in the basic installation but can be ordered as an option.

Terms for RUT and ROT deductions

The customer can use the opportunity for a tax reduction for household work according to Chapter 67 of the Income Tax Act, called ROT and RUT deductions, for the current assignment.

The parties make the joint assessment that the works are of such a nature that they constitute such works relating to household services (RUT works) or alterations and extensions (ROT deductions) which are covered by these rules.

According to the so-called According to the invoice model that applies from 1 January 2016, the customer (Customer) must be invoiced the entire compensation for the work and pay the entire compensation reduced by an amount corresponding to 30-50% of the labor cost including VAT, however, a maximum of SEK 75,000. The parties agree that the invoice model shall be used for the assignment.

The customer must – if 360 FIX so requests – submit a notification from the Swedish Tax Agency about the total preliminary tax reduction that the customer has been credited for the current calendar year.

The customer declares that he is – in whole or in part – the owner of the specified property / condominium for ROT and RUT deductions, or has at least the right to use the home in the event of a RUT deduction. 360 FIX shall state the labor cost separately on the invoice.

In the event that the Swedish Tax Agency, upon request, does not allow – in whole or in part – payment of the applied for RUT or ROT deduction, 360 FIX has the right to immediately invoice the Customer for the remaining part of the labor cost. The customer is liable for payment of this amount and payment must be made to 360 FIX within fifteen days of invoicing. Any default interest is payable from the day 360 FIX requests payment from the Swedish Tax Agency.

Terms of subscription services

The service starts on the same day as the Customer subscribes to the service through registration via the website and is valid until further notice. The service may be terminated by either party until the end of the current payment period or when any lock-in period expires, provided that termination takes place no later than fourteen (14) days before the end of the payment period or lock-in period. If the service is not terminated no later than fourteen (14) days before the end of the current payment period or the lock-in period, the agreement shall be extended by a period corresponding to the length of the most recent payment period with a fourteen (14)-day notice period.
The customer can terminate the agreement by calling and notifying 360 FIX telephone support of termination. Upon termination, the Customer has access to the service for the remaining time for which the Customer has already paid. It is the Customer’s responsibility to find a replacement service if the need arises before the contract period for the service expires.

360 FIX has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the Customer is declared bankrupt, cancels its payments, enters into liquidation or can otherwise be considered to be insolvent.

September 2021